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MedPerson is a proprietary platform used by licensed doctors from all clinical specialties to provide video-based consultation to patients across the world.


MedPerson also provides a host of online clinics in the following languages:

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The underlying technology used to deliver the service is webRTC. This is a protocol for video chat that is encrypted end-to-end so that no third party can listen in. Consultation can be via any web-enabled device with broadband access. It can also be via an app, iOS or Android. MedPerson deploys geofencing tools that ensure doctors on the platform can only consult with patients in the same jurisdiction and time zone as they are licensed in.

The doctor and his team may support the patient remotely from a hospital office or ward office via video link.

A device like a smartwatch transmits clinical data like BP, Respiratory Rate, Pulse, ECG, Temperature& SATs from the patient to a monitoring screen in the hospital.

The way we do healthcare is changing.  Especially after the pandemic. Upgrade your hospital today using our leading-edge provision for better patient outcomes.